Did you know that it takes some dogs upwards of 42 repetitions over a period of days to learn a new command?

Some pups can take even longer than that. Remember to be patient, and your pup will eventually learn to do what’s being asked of them. 

Introducing Felix, who is showing off his great bag of tricks!

I love the hands up. Which one is your favorite?

Any owner of Yorkie will confirm that these dogs are smart and it is not difficult to train obedience. But there are some character features that may be an obstacle in training your pet. Yorkies are considered to be independent and, at the same time, stubborn. That is why any obedience training should start with a plan. The first thing you need to take into account is the age of your Yorkie and your Yorkie should be less than a year old to do the training.

You need to understand that it becomes harder to train your dog when it gets older. The problem is that they can get a lot of bad habits that are difficult to change. If you do not know anything about training your Yorkie, it is better to address a professional especially if your Yorkie is over a year old. You need to follow some key recommendations in obedience training as it demands a consistent and firm approach.

You need to be calm and to respond correspondently to the behavior of your dog. One more beneficial thing to use when training your Yorkie is positive reinforcement. You need to demonstrate them when your dog behaves in the right way adding some more commands. Positive reinforcements may be presented as a doggy treats or some positive complement.

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