Keeping Your Yorkie Cool is a Hot Topic!

During summers weather warms up and people prefer to spend less and less time outside when it’s sweltering. You don’t like being overly hot. Maybe you don’t like “getting some sun.”

Perhaps you would rather stay inside your air conditioned house, slathering on some sunscreen preparing for those moments that you have to venture out, for some work or something.

Here’s the thing, your Yorkie may not share your love for holding up for months-which means you will have to think about ways to keep your dog cool in summer.

Why you should keep your yorkie cool:

Though Yorkies aren’t huge fans of being out for long periods of time, they definitely love to go out at least two to three times a day. Mostly, they go out to “do their business,” but they also prefer to wander around, sniffing the air or chasing squirrels, or lie in sunny spots.

Most dog breeds easily overheat, so the only way for them to release their excess heat is through panting or through a small amount of sweat glands in between their toes. So, good Yorkshire Terrier summer care is very important to keep your dog healthy and happy. Here we discuss 5 ways on how to keep your yorkie cool and hydrated, so that they can enjoy the summer days just as much as you can.

1. Keep your dog hydrated

It’s very important to keep your dog hydrated. It’s best to add some ice cubes to their bowl so that they drink cool water. Keep an eye on their water bowl at all times and refill as necessary.

2. Buy a kiddie pool for them

Provide a kiddie pool, filled with cold water. Dogs love to wade through the water and also splash around to keep themselves cool during summers. Cooling their feet also freshens the sweat glands in their paws. Try splashing some water onto their chest, but avoid using ice directly on their body, as this can lower their body temperature too quickly. If there are small kids at home, ensure the kiddie pool is fenced off safely, and never leave your kids and dogs alone near the pool.

3. Give your Yorkie frozen treats!

Dogs love eating more than anything else on this earth. So one of the best Yorkie summer care tips is to give them tasty frozen treats that are high in water content!

You can easily find dog ice cream in pretty much every grocery store, but it would be great if you could make your own smoothie, or delicious dog ice cream. You can DIY some frozen dog treat recipes. Chilled cucumber is a no-prep option that’s full of water. You can make frozen broth popsicles for your furry friend. You could also treat them to a refreshing, cool smoothie!

4. Make sure your dog has some shade

Another important Yorkshire terrier summer care tip is to provide some shade outside so that your dog has some place to lie down away from the rays of the sun. a large shrub or tree in the garden can help provide some shelter too. If you’ve plans to go out for a day, consider leaving your dog at home if it’s too hot.

5. Grooming helps keep yorkies cool

Trimming or shaving long hair of your dog during summer is good to keep them tidy and comfortable, but don’t overdo it as dog’s fur helps to cool them down during summer heat.

In addition to all these Yorkie summer care tips, there are some things you should never do, especially when the weather outside heats up.

  1. Don’t tie your dog up in the sun,
  2. don’t leave them in a car,
  3. don’t walk them on the hot sidewalk, and
  4. don’t walk them during the hottest part of the day.

Preventing a crisis early is always easier than dealing with it later.

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