Your Yorkie may be a bit of a grouch at times. Although you love him, you want everyone else to love him, too. There are a number of reasons why you will want to socialize your Yorkie and do so as early as possible.

Why socialize your Yorkie?

Reduce Fear

Dogs depend on pack rules. If you don’t step in as the pack leader, your dog won’t know the rules. This can lead to a significant amount of fear, which means that a dog may lash out when they are fearful.

Keep Your Dog (and People) Safe

Dogs that aren’t socialized are more likely to get themselves hurt. If they are put into a situation where they don’t understand what’s going on, they could also unintentionally hurt you, a neighbor, or anyone else they come into contact with.

Ensure Vet Exams Go Better

Dogs that don’t get enough socialization are the ones that growl at other dogs at the vet waiting room and try to bite the vet during the exam. When you raise a social Yorkie, vet exams are a breeze and all of the techs will look forward to when you visit.

Avoid Problems at the Groomer

Groomers can’t do their job if a Yorkie hasn’t been socialized. You want your Yorkie to look his or her best and if a groomer has to put on a muzzle because your pooch won’t play by the rules, it can spell disaster.

Exercise is Easier

If your dog is incapable of being social when you go for a walk, you might be reluctant to go on those walks. This also means that your dog isn’t getting the exercise that it needs in order to stay healthy.

With so many reasons why you should socialize your Yorkie, it’s critical that you do it as soon as possible. For more information on the best ways to help your Yorkie contact The Yorkie Times.

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