Happy Cinco de Mayo! Today, we are going to have a special Friday Fur-Baby Fun Cinco de Mayo edition centred around this holiday. We hope you all enjoy and have a fantastic weekend!

1. It’s Friday!

Let’s celebrate this Friday in style! This Yorkie has the idea.

Watch this cute pup all dressed up and excited for Friday.

2. Skateboarding Pooch

What’s better than one Yorkie compilation? 2 Yorkie compilations!

What’s cuter than a dog dressed for the holiday? How about one on a skateboard?

Check out this adorable dog ready for the holiday while riding around town!


3. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Check out this vid to see how Jax and his owner are going all out for the holiday. 

From the iconic sombrero to a salmon-flavoured margarita, watch for fun times and smiles.

4. Dog Trainer Reacts

This trainer from Brightdog Academy Dog Training has compiled some very funny and informative videos.

Watch this entire compilation to see what they think about each of the videos and what to look for in a Yorkie.

The Yorkie Times has several posts on Yorkie Training that can come in handy for learning how your pup communicates and thinks. Click here to browse our articles!

5. Fetch

We all love the time we spend playing with our Yorkies, but sometimes it doesn’t go as planned.

Watch this owner and pup play the infamous game of fetch to pass the time. 

6. Holy Guacamole!

The title says it all! 

This Yorkie is going all out for Cinco de Mayo! 

7. I’m Not a Chihuahua 

Here is a classic example of cuteness overload. 

Take a look at this adorable pup celebrating it’s first Cinco de Mayo.

8. Ready for Cinco de Mayo

A picture is worth a thousand words, and this Yorkie has a great profile pic ready to go. 

Watch this pair play fetch then share their idea of what their pup would look like on a dating site.

@biryxoxo He said hes ready for Cinco de Mayo 🤣🥳 #fyp #yorkiesoftiktok #cincodemayo #miniyorkshireterrier #azyorkies #az ♬ original sound – Marley

9. It’s My Birthday

Sergeant Tank just so happens to celebrate his birthday on Cinco de Mayo. 

Check out this collage of celebration images as they double dip to make today extra special.

@sergeant_tank #terrier #yorkie #puppy #pupper #doggo #yorkshireterrier #Tank #SergeantTank #dog #fyp #yorkiesoftiktok #dog #babydog #babydoge #doggy #smol #smoldoggo #itsmybirthday #birthday #cincodemayo #goshawtyitsyourbirthday ♬ In Da Club – 50 Cent

10. Hola Amigo

Sparky Man loves to dress up for any occasion. 

His Cinco de Mayo attire looks pretty on point to me. See what you think!

We hope you all have a fantastic Friday and a phenomenal weekend. Stay tuned with us for our new Friday Fur-Baby series. For more fun and informative posts, follow our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for all things Yorkies!

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