How To Choose The Perfect Dog Bed

 Finding the perfect dog bed is a daunting task. With so many choices, how do you find one that is just right? Knowing your pup helps you narrow the choices – consider your Yorkie’s size, personality, favorite sleeping position and health issues as well as available space for a dog bed and cleaning needs.

Let Sleeping Yorkies Lie

1 – Dog Bed: Nest Beds

These are simple round or oval cushioned beds, usually with slightly raised sides. Look for ones with plenty of quality filling all around to provide protection from hard floors. A bed that is too large may leave your Yorkie feeling insecure, so look for one that is just the right size.

If your pup sleeps curled up, choose a bed that leaves about three inches all around him. If he stretches out to sleep, he should have a bed that gives him just enough room for his maximum stretch.

2 – Dog Bed: Cave Beds

A cave bed provides a secure burrow for a snuggled-in feeling. Some are nest beds with padded partial hoods; others look like little cushioned dog houses. Both shapes provide warmth for dogs that get cold easily and security for anxious sleepers.

But if that’s too much containment for your pet, look for a bolster bed, one with high padded sides. This bed gives a feeling of warmth and security without the feeling of being trapped.

3 – Dog Bed: Supportive Beds

For older dogs with arthritis pain, memory foam beds give support for aching joints while still conforming to your pup’s body shape. And it’s easier to get in and out of the firmer foam bed than with a fluffy sink-into-it bed.

Some even come with a waterproof cover, if your older pet has incontinence issues.

4 –  Dog Bed: Crate Beds

If your Yorkie sleeps in their crate, there are many options. Padded flats with slightly raised sides, bolstered nests and even some cave beds fit.

Look for beds with good padding on the bottom for a soft sleeping spot.

5 –  Dog Bed: Your Bed

Placing a washable blanket or towel on your bed and providing a stool for easier climbing access gives your pup a warm and snuggly place close to you. 

No matter what style you choose, consider these factors too:

  • Washability: A bed that is easy to clean lasts much longer! Some beds can be laundered whole; others come with a removable cover to toss in the wash. To control odors and dirt, aim to wash the bed regularly, at least monthly.
  • Filling: Most padded beds are filled with polyester, but you also find ones with cotton batting or rounded foam beads. If you’re looking for organic options, search for beds made with 100% organic cotton covers and all natural rubber filling or eco-friendly recycled plastic filling. Some beds are filled with cedar, which does reduce odors. But these beds provide less padding and some dogs may be allergic to the smell.
  • Space and Decor: Consider the bed’s location in your home. Will it be in your bedroom or living room? Does it fit better in a corner or against a wall? Square beds fit better along a wall while oval or triangular corner beds tuck into smaller spaces. And there are many color options to choose from, both solid colors and patterns, to fit your decor.

For more tips on care for your wonderful Yorkie, contact us today.

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