Friday is here! We are so glad you are here to start your weekend off with a little Friday Fur-Baby Fun.

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1. Gracie and Her Squeaky Toy

The small moments sitting at home playing with our Yorkies can sometimes be the best. 

Check out this lazy afternoon with Gracie playing with her squeaky toy. 

2. Best Friend

Yorkies are more than our pets.

They are our best friends. 

3. Moonwalking Yorkie

People aren’t the only ones capable of busting a move. 

Watch this Yorkie breaking it down. 

4. Have You Been Cheating?

We are all familiar with those sniffing sessions when you come home, especially if you have come in contact with another pooch.See how this Yorkie gives their owner the classic sniff down.

5. Can I Get Some Sleep?

Sometimes even our Yorkies just need those 5 extra minutes.

Look at this adorable Yorkie snoozing the afternoon away. Who could wake this face up?

6. Worldwide Yorkies

Yorkies exist all across the globe. Even though the locations may change. their adorableness is a universal language. 

See how this Yorkie’s cuteness is able to be seen by everyone. 

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7. BIG Stretch

When waking up from a nap or just trying to get our attention, Yorkie stretches can melt our hearts. 

Watch this Yorkie going through their stretch routine. 

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8. Spoiled Yorkie Test

You might not think you are spoiling your Yorkie. How about you put that to the test?

See how you do with the questions in the video.

@yorkiegirlsinthecity The spoiled pet test results are in! The girls aced it and got a full 100% 😜💞 #yorkie #yorkiesoftiktok #dogs #dogsofttiktok #cutedog #tiktokdogs ♬ Spoiled Pet Test – Kali the collie lab dog

9. Yorkie Facts

Interested in some Yorkie facts?

Watch this video to learn some facts you might not be aware of.

@shanewmurray #dogtraining #fyp #yorkie ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

10. Whenever You Are Ready

Check out this Yorkie patiently waiting for their snack. 

We hope you all have a fantastic Friday and a phenomenal weekend. Stay tuned with us for our new Friday Fur-Baby series. For more fun and informative posts, follow our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for all things Yorkies!

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