Friday is here! We are so glad you are here to start your weekend off with a little Friday Fur-Baby Fun.

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1. We Are Family

This mother-and-son pair is blessed enough to live with the same family. 

Look at how these two look so similar as they enjoy their time together. 

2. Not On Me

This Yorkie is just doing what they are told. Even though barking can be a negative trait, these alert guard dogs could save you from certain situations. 

3. Life is Ruff

Friday brings a very welcome end to the week. This video is the embodiment of how we all feel at the end of a long week. 

4. Fetch on the Beach

As we get closer and closer to winter, it will be a while before this Yorkie can enjoy times like these on the beach. 

Watch as this Yorkie spends some quality time outdoors before cooler weather. 

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5. Surprise

Surprise! It is time for my attention. 

This cute Yorkie is ready for their turn for attention after waiting all week. 

6. Happy National Smile Day

A smile is the prettiest accessory you can wear. This Yorkie has a beautiful smile at that. 

Take a little time to enjoy yourself this weekend and smile from time to time. 

7. Snoot Boop Cam

This Yorkie is ready for their close-up. Take a look at this boop cam going in for the perfect close up. 

8. Sweet Potato Beach Trip

Sweet Potato loves taking trips to the beach with their family. 

Look at how this family enjoy some R&R on the beach. 

9. Rent is Paid

It’s the first of the month and you know what that means. Rent is due!

Watch Oakley as he pays his rent in full. 

10. Almost Time for Halloween

October is upon us. It is time for pumpkins and spooky decorations to celebrate this fall. 

We hope you all have a fantastic Friday and a phenomenal weekend. Stay tuned with us for our new Friday Fur-Baby series. For more fun and informative posts, follow our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for all things Yorkies!

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