When I think of our Yorkie Community, this photo always comes to mind.

How can anyone resist such a cute grumpy face?

yorkie lovers

It turns out there are all sorts of poems about yorkies!

This one isĀ Lines to a Yorkshire TerrierĀ by T.S. Eliot

In a brown field stood a tree
And the tree was crookt and dry.
In a black sky, from a green cloud
Natural forces shriek’d aloud,
Screamed, rattled, muttered endlessly.
Little dog was safe and warm
Under a cretonne eiderdown,
Yet the field was cracked and brown
And the tree was cramped and dry.
Pollicle dogs and cats all must
Jellicle cats and dogs all must
Like undertakers, come to dust.
Here a little dog I pause
Heaving up my prior paws,
Pause, and sleep endlessly.

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