8 Tips To Choose A Yorkie Breeder

There are many places to see Yorkie puppies for sale in newspapers, over the internet, and through pet stores all over the country. Unfortunately for many new owners that buy from these sources they soon learn that the puppies may not be healthy or may have severe health conditions that can cost thousands of dollars over the life of the Yorkie puppy.

Since a toy breed is more prone to health conditions than many other small breeds of dogs, it is critical to buy from a reputable Yorkie breeder to get the healthiest puppy possible. Most Yorkie breeders with championship lines and good standing with Kennel Clubs rarely have to advertise their puppies for sale; these Yorkie breeds will have litters pre-sold, meaning that they rarely if ever have to advertise.

Locating a high-caliber Yorkie breeder in your area does require a bit of research. Start by checking through the Kennel Club in your area, then also consider attending dog shows sponsored by local or national Yorkie groups or clubs and talking with people that are active Yorkie breeders and showers.

Besides the reasons listed above, there are eight other reasons that make buying a Yorkie puppy from a Yorkie breeder the best possible option:

1. Choose A Yorkie Breeder with a Reputation for Quality Care And A Healthy Start

A quality Yorkie breeder will take excellent care of both the dam and the sire long before they are even bred. This assures that puppies have the best possible health, right from conception.

2. Help In Selecting A Show Or Pet Quality Puppy

For show quality Yorkie puppies a reputable Yorkie breeder can verify that the puppy will be eligible for the show when he or she matures This will be true with show quality, however not all pet quality Yorkie puppies for sale will meet all breed standards and they may have disqualifying faults. The Yorkie breeder should be able to explain why one puppy is considered to show quality and why one is pet quality as well as help you understand which is the best option for you.

3. Clean Kennels And Early Socialization

A puppy needs to have a clean environment be it in a kennel or in a house. They also need to have lots of interaction with their littermates and their mother to understand socialization. A reputable Yorkie breeder will never sell puppies before 8 weeks of age, plus they will ensure that the puppies are started on socialization before heading off to their new home.

4. Choose A Yorkie Breeder That Provides All Medical Information

Information from the Yorkie breeder on the vaccinations, health checks, and treatments that the puppy may or may not have received while with the breeder. This is extremely important if you are exporting the puppy or transporting a puppy outside of the area as health certificates may be required for national or international travel.

5. A Breeder Should Help With Registration

Assurance that the puppy can be registered. For a Yorkie puppy to be registered, both the dam and sire must also be registered and that information provided to the new owner or owners. A Yorkie breeder will typically include all that information on the bill of sale or the sales contract, plus they will assist you with registering the puppy should there be any concerns or problems.

6. Choose A Yorkie Breeder That Provides A Written Health Guarantee

Health guarantee and vaccination records will all be including in the paperwork from the Yorkie breeder. This is important as the breed does have several genetic health conditions that may not be evident until the puppy gets older. Always ask about health issues in the breeding line and carefully read the health guarantee or warranty that the breeder is offering.

7. Ensuring Fertility In The Future

For show-quality Yorkie puppies, the breeder will usually provide a fertility guarantee, although there may be exceptions and limitations to this guarantee. The Yorkie breeder may also retain the right to approve any future breeding of the puppy when it matures to ensure that the dog will only be used in the advancement of the breed, not in a for-profit breeding program such as a puppy mill.

8. Getting You Started

The Yorkie breeder should also provide enough food to get the puppy through a couple of days as well as a written feeding schedule, information on the type of food the puppy has been started on as well as other information on the breed.

Pet stores and backyard breeders may offer a slightly reduced cost in the Yorkie puppies for sale, but they will not offer any of the other points listed above. The few extra dollars in the original cost of the puppy from a reputable Yorkie breeder will more that offset the risk involved in buying from another source.

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