Dancing Yorkie: Rosie’s Happy Feet

This is one way to see a dancing Yorkie! This little doll definitely melted my heart and brightened my day. Sometimes the simplest things they do makes me laugh the most.

Technically, Yorkies can’t dance. Sure, there are Yorkies who can moonwalk and in this video, Rosie has happy feet. But Yorkies and other animals aren’t going to stand up and start jiving! “Dancing” is an untutored, spontaneous response where the animal moves on the beat, matching motion to music.

Check out another Dancing Yorkie!

Now if you want to teach your Yorkie to dog dance, then follow these steps (probably on your knees because Yorkies are little).

Teach your Yorkie to spin:

  • Teach your Yorkie to spin in both a clockwise and counter-clockwise direction.
  • Place a treat in your hand and use your hand and the treat to lure your Yorkie to move in a full circle (or spin).
  • If your Yorkie performs the spin correctly, reward them with the treat.
  • It is also helpful to use verbal praise (like the word YES or GOOD) to indicate to your Yorkie that they’ve done the trick well and a treat is coming. This verbal praise bridges the time between your Yorkies performing the trick correctly and your Yorkie receiving his treat.
  • When training your Yorkie to move in a clockwise circle, try to use your right hand to hold the treat. And when training your Yorkie to move in a counter-clockwise circle, try to use your left hand to hold the treat. Seems simple but it’s a smart thing to do.
  • Once your Yorkie has learned the basics of the spin, try getting them to spin multiple times before providing the treat.
  • You can also remove the treat from your hand and simply use the motion of your hand to command your Yorkie to move in a circle.
  • Finally, start to add the verbal command to the trick. If spinning clockwise, start saying the word SPIN (as an example) when your Yorkie is spinning. And use the command TWIRL when your Yorkie is spinning in a counter-clockwise direction.


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