Being a new yorkie parent is an adventure!

You’ve brought home your new yorkie and settled your fur baby into their loving new home – they’re even feeling right at home… Enough to shred the mail as soon as it drops through the mail slot. What could have happened to your sweet new yorkie?The Terrier Factor is what happened! Something that many of us try to forget when picking out our furry new family members is that Yorkie is only part of their name, it’s really Yorkshire Terrier in full and that means a whole mess of fun for new Yorkie parents. Terriers are many dogs all rolled into one, as any Yorkie parent knows.

How can you encourage the good Yorkie and discourage the holy terror terrier factor?

Keep them mentally challenged

A thinking terrier is a busy terrier and won’t dig holes in your mattress while you’re at work.

Make them part of the family and be sure they know their place in it.

To avoid arguments down the road. This goes for human and four-legged family members alike.

Burn ’em out.

A tired terrier is also a happy terrier without the extra energy to destroy the house.

Give them something to chase besides the cat.

Yorkies were bred to be ratters and they need to go hunting every so often (even a laser or a ball), it’s in their DNA.

Treat them like your child and love them like there’s no tomorrow.

When you love a terrier you never know what adventures the world will take them on today.Owning a Yorkie from puppyhood is one of the greatest gifts you may ever be given. Cherish every day, but remember that owning a Yorkshire Terrier is truly becoming a fur parent, with all the joy and responsibility that parenthood brings with it. Take a firm but gentle hand and watch your fuzzy little monkey grow into a grand lady or gentleman right before your eyes.To get more great Yorkie training ideas or anything else Yorkie related, please contact us – we’re always ready to talk Yorkie!


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